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Embracing 'New Normal' in the Job Market





This training is a fully Interactive, Digital Learning Experience with concurrent coverage and lots of real-time, online activities across multiple digital platforms designed to give Participants a modern Engagement- based Learning Program that is highly effective, entertaining & never boring!

Target Group:

Target Industry:

Across industries from Manufacturing to Services sector

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Embracing 'New Normal' in the Job Market

As the pandemic continues to affect the world, we must continue to adapt and progress and applies to the job market as well. With the course that we offer, our expert will shape you into becoming a flexible individual that is valuable at being in, and managing “the new normal” .


Key takeaways for participants includes:

Course Outline:​

1. You have in your wings 10 years of solid working experience BUT is this enough in the new reality?
2. Guide to moving away from SINGLE-STREAM experience.
3. Is ‘multi-skilling’ still relevant today?
4. Is digital skill the only thing that matters in approaching IR4.0 and IR5.0 in a post pandemic economy?
5. Introduction to ‘multiple discipline’ career approach – look out for it!
6. Your career growth and development is YOUR OWN DESIGN