How Psychology Can Make Your Emails More Appealing Courses​



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How Psychology Can Make Your Emails More Appealing Courses​

Writing and sending e-mails can be difficult when one wishes to express a certain tone. Crafting an e-mail to suit each individual one interacts with must also consider the psychological factor of it whereby each person feels differently to certain implied tones or vocabulary. This course was designed to cater to just that, where we ensure that participants understand what it means to effectively communicate with using e-mail.


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course outline

This email communication program is intended to bring to light the process and consideration involve in communicating via email. The aim of this program is also to elevate the general business and communication skills of the participants to an advanced level.

As it covers the 3 main aspects of email communication: structure, language and functions, participants will be able to communicate effectively and efficiently through emails. Intensive and thorough practices of these areas and their nuances are considered.

This program is also designed to encourage and train as well as guide the employees to use appropriate terminology in English email business correspondence. The program is also intended to acquaint participants with exemplary email communication.